Philanthropic Home Decor

Featured Products / Saturday, October 28th, 2017

Last year, Fortune conducted a study which revealed that about 2/3 of people aged 18-34 were more likely to work for a company that gave to charity than one that did not.  

Even better, more young people were inclined to buy and/or recommend products from companies that contribute to charity than those that do not.  

What does this mean?

It means that companies that are incorporating philanthropic pursuits into their mission are here to stay.  

Below, you’ll find my top 3 companies on the quest to bring awareness and fair trade home decor to you from all over the world.  Added bonus- click the links to take you to some of their coolest products right now!

1. The Little Market

Perhaps the best known non-profit company creating awareness for woman artisans is The Little Market.  Founded 4 years ago by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, they’ve expanded their cultural fair trade endeavor to now include over 56 artisan groups from 28 different countries.  They also have one of the largest home collections; plus nursery decor, knits, and toys to keep those kiddos happy too!

This ADORABLE Tassel Hammock is made on a traditional foot loom and is brought to you by designer, Lula Mena.  She employs 75 at-risk women in a community in El Salvador to bring hand-made textiles to your door-step.  For $298 (includes free shipping!), you can pick from 4 colors. 

P.s.  Need an super cute gift idea for that special person in your life?? Check out their gift-sets like this one called “The Guac is Extra” Totally worth $76 bucks.

2. The Citizenry

Looking for luxe accents and furniture?  Look no further than The Citizenry.  Their artisans span the world — from Mali to Morocco, Ireland, Mexico, Uganda, Peru, and Argentina. 10% of their profits go directly back to these communities; and they even provide grants that help improve the education, tools, and workshops.  Bonus! Take advantage of The Citizenry’s free U.S. Shipping policy.  

I asked The Citizenry what they are obsessing over in their new Fall Arrivals collection.  No surprise that their Pampas Leather Lumbar Pillow has been a best-seller. It’s simple but the leather is super high quality and adds the perfect touch of texture to that pile of throws on your bed.  

For me, I love the classic Ceniza Lumbar Pillow.  Hand made in Oaxaca, Mexico, the oversized pillow has a traditional Zapotec design with neutral coloring.  It’s a bold print with an understated feel, so you won’t tire of it… ever! 

Their collection of travel prints are a unique touch to their collection.  You can choose from already pre-framed, ready to hang artwork or do the framing yourself.  Check out this beautiful scene of Oaxaca, where your Ceniza pillow came from!

3. Prosperity Candle

Prosperity candle takes fair trade to a whole new level.  Each candle comes enclosed with the name of the artisan who made it.  On their website, the consumer an opportunity to send a message to their specific creator.  It also features bio’s and info on how their company has impacted the lives of these refugees-turned-craftswomen.  

Jobs, opportunities, and asylum were brought to women of Burma, Bhutan, Haiti and Iraq; and now they’re bringing the most beautiful candles to you! 

Getting married? They have the BEST wedding favors!  Personalized candles (in silver or gold tins with 3 label styles) come in sets of 20.  They. Are. Amazing.  I will DEFINITELY be getting these as party or shower favors for my next event.  

My other fav is the Lulea 3-Wick Bowl.  It has over 30 hours of burn time, but when it’s out, I’d be using this for potpourri in the bathroom!


Check out these three incredible companies to add a little bit of international, philanthropic flare to your home!